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Academic Tools & Resources

Learn how to access and utilize various resources such as Canvas, Qualtrics, Mathematica and other academic tools.

Access, Accounts & Passwords

Information about SLU network accounts, and gaining access to University systems.


Articles pertaining to your calendar tied to your email account.


Canvas provides tools and features leveraged by instructors for teaching at SLU.


Articles related to using the new interfaces associated with the Colleague Migration to the Cloud.

Colleague Self Service (APR2)

APR2 is the course planning and registration system for advisors and students.

Copying, Scanning, Faxing and Mail

Information related to printing, faxing, scanning, copying & mailing.

Cybersecurity Awareness

Articles with helpful tips on how to keep yourself safe online.


Find information relative to email (access, archiving, & general email management).

Information and Resources

General guides pertaining to different members of our campus community.

Microsoft OneDrive

Information for using Microsoft OneDrive for file storage, sharing, and backup.

Microsoft Outlook

Articles pertaining to Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft Teams

Information about using Microsoft Teams for online collaboration and video conferencing.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Articles pertaining to Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and the Microsoft Authenticator App.

Network Drives

Articles related to Network Drives, including P-Drive, T-Drive, S-Drive, etc.


Articles related to Panopto.

Phone and Voicemail

Articles with information pertaining to traditional phones, voice over IP (VOIP), Skype for Business, and Voicemail.


Policy and Administrative Procedures

Purchasing New Technology

Our IT professionals can help facilitate the purchase of new technology.

Remote Desktop and Apps

Information regarding the Remote Desktop and Remote Apps.

Service Request System Self-Help

Articles related to managing your service requests.

SLU Public Printing

Articles pertaining to SLU Public Printing and Student Printing on campus in general.

Software Support

Information related to software configuration, installation, & repair.


Articles explaining SLU VPN, both what it is and how to set it up.


Articles related to Wi-Fi, including Eduroam and SLU-Devices.


Web content management via Wordpress.


Information about Zoom video virtual conferencing

Articles (8)

Colleague ADMIN Links

Links to Colleague in the Cloud TEST environments

Colleague Links

New URLs for Colleague in the Ellucian Managed Cloud

Current Outages and Ongoing Issues

States and current outages or service losses currently occurring.

Extract audio from video in VLC

This article explains how to extract the audio from a video file using VLC.

How to Change Your Desktop Background

The default background on your computer serves its purpose, but it is certainly more fun to add your own personal touch. After all, you are the one who will be staring at the screen all day.

Install SAINTS

When employees get new computers, sometimes SAINTS isn't installed correctly or at all. This article explains the process for installing SAINTS on a University Computer.

Microsoft Office OneNote

The OneNote Web App lets you capture and access notes and ideas from any web browser. With no download required, you can use it anywhere: at your friend’s house, at the airport, or even on a device that doesn’t have OneNote already installed. If you’re new to OneNote, it’s fast and easy to give OneNote a quick spin on the web. You also can download it for your Windows, Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, or Android device at

Sharing video and other large files

Faculty, staff, and students can mitigate bandwidth issues, data caps, and other storage limitations by following these recommendations for files larger than 50MB.