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SLU Public Printing

SLU Public Printing is a printing service available to faculty, staff and students. The service was established in collaboration with Thelmo in 2008 to address concerns on campus for paper and toner waste and in support of the President's Climate Commitment. Print jobs can be submitted from anywhere on campus and picked up at any of the Public Printing copiers. This ensures users get the document they need, when they need it, from a location nearest to them. A SLU ID card is required to pick up a print job from a Public Printing Station.  Faculty and staff costs will be assigned to their department(s).

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This article should assist anyone in need of using the Boca printing machine to print tickets in the Athletics building.

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This article explains how to set up network printers for mac and windows computers.

Proper Addressing of Campus Mail

This article explains how mail to campus should be addressed to ensure delivery.

Retrieving Combination and Opening Your Mailbox

This article explains where to get your campus mailbox combination and how to open your campus mailbox.

Scanning to Email, OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive

Information regarding scanning on campus copiers.

Sending Mail and/or Packages

This article explains how and where to purchase stamps on campus, send letters, packages, and organization mailings.