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Articles pertaining to SLU Public Printing and Student Printing on campus in general.

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Pinned Article Printing on Campus with SLU Public Printing

This article will show you how to set up SLU Public Printing on your computer.

Configure Your Device for New Copiers

This article describes how to add SLU Public Printing for the new copiers issued in July 2023.

Fix the "Hold for Authentication" Error on Mac

This article explains how to fix the "Hold for Authentication" error that occurs on Macs.

How to ensure your documents will print successfully

A quick description of common printing issues seen on campus and how to resolve or prevent them.

Printer Only Printing from Bypass Tray

If you notice that a SLU Public Printer is prompting you to print from a bypass tray try the above steps.

Printing Quotas, Costs, and Billing

This article outlines the details of public printing costs and quotas.

SLU Public Printing Copier Locations

Copiers are stationed at various locations across campus. These copier serve as SLU Public Printing stations where student, faculty, and staff can print jobs from their printing queue, scan documents, or make copies.

Request a Refund from SLU Public Printing

This article will describe how you can request a refund for a failed print job through the SLU Public Printing website.