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If you already have the Microsoft Authenticator App set up for Multi-factor Authentication, but do not have it established as your default method, this tutorial will show you how to set it as your default.
This article will show students how to set up email on their phones.
This article explains how to setup email using the outlook app on android for students.
This article explains how to setup email using the outlook app on IOS for students.
A list of software that the university offers to be installed on personal devices.
Instructions for how to use the Remote Software website in order to access applications, programs, and software for classes off-campus.
A list of software installed by default on university-owned office computers, along with software that is available to be installed on request.
Instructions for how to use the Microsoft Authenticator App after the February 2023 update.
A list of software that is available for use on the public lab and classroom computers across campus.
Instructions for how to set up the Remote Desktop app on your smart device to connect to the Remote Desktop and Remote Apps.
Instructions for how to make a phone call using all versions of the Skype for Business app.
Instructions for how to install Skype for Business on an iOS or Android mobile device.
Setup Office 365 email on an iOS device using the Microsoft Outlook App.
Software Center is a part the System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) that is installed on most St. Lawrence University desktops and laptops running Microsoft Windows. Software Center shows software that has been installed, is available for install, as well as any Microsoft Updates that are required. In-place operating system upgrades and new operating deployments can also be made available through Software Center.
JAMF Pro Self Service is available on St. Lawrence University owned Mac devices. JAMF Pro Self Service can be used to install new software which the university owns and is licensed to distribute on campus. A helpful analogy is to think of Self Service as St. Lawrence University's version of the Apple App Store.