Multi-Factor Authentication

Articles pertaining to Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and the Microsoft Authenticator App.

Articles (7)

Configuring Microsoft Authenticator App for Office 365 Multifactor Authentication

How to configure Microsoft Authenticator for Office 365 MultiFactor Authentication on iOS and Android.

Configuring phone call verification as default for Multi-factor Authentication

This article explains how to change your default sign-in method to Phone - call for use with MFA.

Multi-Factor Authentication Information

A summary of Multi-Factor Authentication: what it is, why we are using it, and how to use the Microsoft Authenticator App to make it easy and more secure.

Number Matching with Microsoft Authenticator App (Feb 2023 Update)

Instructions for how to use the Microsoft Authenticator App after the February 2023 update.

Set the Microsoft Authenticator App as your default MFA method

If you already have the Microsoft Authenticator App set up for Multi-factor Authentication, but do not have it established as your default method, this tutorial will show you how to set it as your default.