Recently Modified Articles

Create custom photo and video scavenger hunts played through an app on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.
This article explains how to manage which of your Sakai sites appear along the top of the Sakai interface as favorites and active sites.
This article explains how to connect to the Eduroam wifi network.
This article explains how to install SLU Public Printing on widows devices.
This article explains how to fix the "Hold for Authentication" error that occurs on Macs.
This is a tutorial on how to install Minitab 20 for Windows and Minitab 19 for Mac. You can also run the virtual desktop environment if you would like to not install Minitab on your personal computer or if you have a Mac that cannot run macOS Mojave.
This article explains the August 2021 wireless certificate renewal that will occur on SLU's campus.
This article provides information for SLU employees on how to access the Saints Portal. The Saints Portal is where employees enter their time, check their benefits, and access their W2s, as well as other administrative information.
Instructions for how to set up the Remote Desktop and Remote Apps on computers using the Remote Desktop App.
Instructions for how to set up the Remote Desktop app on your smart device to connect to the Remote Desktop and Remote Apps.
Instructions for how to connect to and use Remote Desktop and Remote apps.
Perusall allows students to annotate, comment and discuss assigned readings.
This article explains how to resolve issues with the search function in outlook on Mac OS. This has been most problematic for people who recently were moved to a new machine and used Time Machine to move data.
Learn more about the ITAP position and how to apply.
PowToon is an online application for creating short explainer videos and animations. Sign in with your St. Lawrence University Microsoft 365 credentials to get started and contact IT to request a license upgrade.
WeVideo is an online video editor that makes it easy to capture, create, view and share movies. A limited number of WeVideo licenses are available to faculty, staff, and students that sign in with their St. Lawrence University Microsoft 365 credentials.
The following software will be available on all Lab and Classroom computers running Windows 7 during the Spring 2017 Semester. Please contact Sam Fuller ( or the ODY Service Desk ( x5770 if you have any questions.
This article explains how to install Microsoft Office 365 applications (e.g. Word, Excel and PowerPoint) for Mac and Windows computers.
This article provides specifics of what technology every new student should or should not bring to campus.
Information for incoming students about what type of computer to purchase for classes while attending St. Lawrence University.
If you cannot hear the other person(s) in your calls or they cannot hear you, try changing your sound devices by following the instructions listed here.
Instructions for how to sign into the Skype for Business app on Windows and MacOS.
Instructions for how to sign in to Skype for Business on mobile devices.
Instructions for how to change your settings for phone delegates.
Configure your phone to forward to another line or ring simultaneously