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This article explains how to install java to use with CROA software on internet explorer.
St. Lawrence University's IT services are scheduled for regular maintenance occur during the 3rd week each month (Monday-Friday 1:00 AM - 5:00 AM).
If your windows updates seem to be getting stuck because of "windows defender" you can always update windows defender manually to bypass this issue.
Faculty, staff, and students can mitigate bandwidth issues, data caps, and other storage limitations by following these recommendations for files larger than 50MB.
Faculty with Licensed Zoom account can record to the cloud. These recordings can then be shared with your class.
St. Lawrence University faculty, staff, and students can sign in to Zoom via Single Sign On (SSO) with their St. Lawrence email address and password.
There are a number of safe guards you can put in place to prevent unauthorized access to your Zoom meetings, including those in your Sakai sites.
Taking tests can be stressful. Taking tests online will be more stressful if you encounter technical issues. While there is no guarantee, adhering to the guidelines below will help you avoid some of the more common technical issues encountered while taking online tests in Sakai to ensure your work gets submitted successfully.
Perusall allows students to annotate, comment and discuss assigned readings.
This is a tutorial on how to install Minitab 18 for Windows. You can also run the virtual desktop environment if you would like to not install Minitab on your personal computer or if you have a Mac.
A list of the most common issues when conducting Zoom calls and how to correct them
The Hypothesis integration in Sakai allows you to host documents for collaboration, and automatically handles student access.
In the overview that follows, testing will be defined as administering quizzes, exams, and other assessments that might normally be delivered in the form of a document that students receive, complete, and return to the professor. Instructors are encouraged to observe these practices when administering online assessments.
Create custom photo and video scavenger hunts played through an app on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.
How to view a shared inbox in web mail.
This article shows you how to get access to the SpectrumU app to watch live tv through Spectrum while on campus.
Instructions for how to disable DNS over HTTPS in Mozilla Firefox.
ClearPass allows devices to communicate via AirPlay on an enterprise network (i.e., St. Lawrence's Wi-Fi).
This article explains how to connect an Apple TV to the SLU Network.
This article explains how to connect a Chromecast to the St. Lawrence Network.
This article explains the October 2020 wireless certificate renewal that will occur on SLU's campus.
This article explains how to connect to the Eduroam wifi network.
This article gives step by step instructions for how to remove/forget saved Wifi Networks on all major platforms.
This is how to get setup and connect with SLU VPN on Fedora Linux.