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Colleague TEST environments are limited to authorized users performing testing related to their official job function and role.   Users must be either on campus or connected to the VPN to access these environments.

Environment UI Version Self Service Version Last Clone Clone Schedule
Production 5.25    
Test1 5.25 01/05/24 JAN, APR, JULY, OCT (around 5th)
Test2 5.25 02/09/24 FEB, MAY, AUG, NOV (around 5th)
Test3 5.25 12/6/23 MAR, JUN, SEPT, DEC (around 5th)
Test4 5.25 08/09/22 TBD
Development 5.25 12/14/23 MAR, JUN, SEPT, DEC (around 15th)


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