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Polycom Phones

Information regarding Polycom phones.

NEC Phones

Information regarding NEC phones.

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Call Forwarding (NEC and Polycom Phones)

Various methods for forwarding phone calls on NEC and Polycom campus phones.

Changing Voicemail Greeting (NEC and Polycom)

Record greetings, create rules for call forwarding, reset user's access PIN, enabling missed calls and voicemail to be sent to user's email, and configure notifications.

Check Voicemail (NEC and Polycom)

This article describes how to check your voicemail from your telephone

Forwarding Phone to Alternative Number Via Skype For Business

Configure your phone to forward to another line or ring simultaneously

How to Block a Phone Number from Calling your Office Phone

Instructions for how to block calls on your office phone via Skype for Business.

Making International Calls

Making international calls with NEC and Polycom phones on St. Lawrence University campus.

Making Local Calls

Making phone calls with NEC and Polycom campus phones.

Transfer a Call (NEC and Polycom)

Transferring calls for NEC and Polycom phones at St. Lawrence University.

Voicemail Setup Tutorial (NEC or Polycom)

Instructions for setting up or resetting voicemail PIN.