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Wireless, Cable and Network Jacks, VPN, Virtual Desktop.

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Cable TV

Cable TV services are available in all residence halls.

Data Protection & Privacy

How to keep data safe.

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Pinned Article How to connect to the Eduroam Wifi network

This article explains how to connect to the Eduroam wifi network.

Accessing SLU Virtual Desktop

Faculty, staff and students can access a Windows PC from a computer or mobile device with Internet access by going to SLU Windows Desktop is perfect for accessing applications that are Windows-only or that you do not have installed on your computer.

Cable TV Channel Listing

All residence halls have digital HD cable TV from Time Warner Cable. Your TV must be Digital ClearQAM-enabled. Most LCD TVs are compatible. A coaxial cable, available at the Brewer Bookstore, is required to connect your TV to the wall jack in your room.

Connect Apple TV

This article explains how to connect an Apple TV to the SLU Network.

Connect Chromecast

This article explains how to connect a Chromecast to the St. Lawrence Network.

Connecting to Network Drives

This article explains how to connect to the network drives (P, S and T) from your computer. If you are off campus, you will need to connect to our VPN.

Connecting to WiFi on Linux

To connect to slu-wifi using Ubuntu Linux there a few minor setting that will need to be change. You will also need a proper wireless driver install that supports 802.11X authentication with PEAP and MSCHAPv2 but that is outside the scope of this article.

How to connect to the Guest Wifi network

A list of steps for connecting to the guest wifi network on all major platforms.

How to remove Wifi Networks from your devices

This article gives step by step instructions for how to remove/forget saved Wifi Networks on all major platforms.

Migrate Data from your P Drive to your Personal Computer

Instructions for moving files from your P Drive to a personal computer.