Access, Accounts & Passwords

Information about SLU network accounts, and gaining access to University systems.

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Pinned Article How to change/reset your St. Lawrence Password

This article contains in depth instructions for changing your St. Lawrence Network password.

Accessing Resources and Apps via Single Sign-On

This article shows the Single Sign-On(SSO) experience for St. Lawrence University resources and applications.

How to change your password from Webmail

This article gives instructions for how you can change your St. Lawrence password via the Webmail page.

How to change your SLU password on a University PC

Instructions for changing your password on a University-owned Windows computer.

Manage Passwords in Keychain Access for MacOS

This article outlines how to manage locally stored passwords in Keychain Access for MacOS.

Manage Passwords in Windows Credential Manager

This article outlines how to manage locally stored passwords in Windows Credential Manager.

Registering Password Reset Information

This article explains how to confirm or update the personal contact information used for resetting your SLU network password.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Password Reset

This article explains how to use the Microsoft Password Reset page to reset your SLU network password.

When will my faculty or staff network account be created?

Information about network account access for new faculty and staff.