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This article explains how to connect to the Eduroam wifi network.
This article explains how to install SLU Public Printing on widows devices.
The following software will be available on all Lab and Classroom computers running Windows 7 during the Spring 2017 Semester. Please contact Sam Fuller ( or the ODY Service Desk ( x5770 if you have any questions.
Instructions for how to sign into the Skype for Business app on Windows and MacOS.
St. Lawrence University's IT services are scheduled for regular maintenance occur during the 3rd week each month (Monday-Friday 1:00 AM - 5:00 AM).
If your windows updates seem to be getting stuck because of "windows defender" you can always update windows defender manually to bypass this issue.
This article explains how to set up and connect to St. Lawrence's virtual private network (VPN) on Windows 7,8, and 10.
Instructions for changing your password on a University-owned Windows computer.
How to migrate keys necessary for decryption in Kleopatra software.
The OneNote Web App lets you capture and access notes and ideas from any web browser. With no download required, you can use it anywhere: at your friend’s house, at the airport, or even on a device that doesn’t have OneNote already installed. If you’re new to OneNote, it’s fast and easy to give OneNote a quick spin on the web. You also can download it for your Windows, Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, or Android device at
How to find the name of a computer in Windows 10.
Instructions for viewing iCloud calendars made on an iPhone through Outlook.
This article gives recommendations for anti-virus protection on Windows computers.
This article will explain how to setup Microsoft Outlook on a Windows PC.
This article outlines how to manage locally stored passwords in Windows Credential Manager.