Cybersecurity Awareness

Articles with helpful tips on how to keep yourself safe online.

Articles (7)

How to tell if your computer has malware

Learn how to tell if your computer is infected with Malware.

Password Complexity Recommendations

Recommendations for how complex your password should be in order to keep it safe from brute force attacks.

Recognize and Report Phishing Messages

What a phishing message is and how to identify and report it.

Removing Malware from Your Computer

This article recommends free tools for both Windows and Mac to clean malware off of your computer.

What to do after your account has been compromised

Information about what to do if your account has been compromised, or "hacked." Includes immediate steps and additional reading material for how to stay safe online.

Why you should keep your software up to date

Information on the importance of keeping the software on your devices up to date.