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General guides pertaining to different members of our campus community.

Articles (12)

Frequently Asked Technology Questions for CAs

A guide for CAs on the most common questions they receive from their residents about technology.

Information for Faculty and Staff

Information for incoming and outgoing faculty and staff.

Information for Outgoing Students

Information for students that will be graduating soon or have graduated within the past year.

Internet Service Providers - Access for remote work

This page provides information about high speed internet options to support remote learning.

Online Training Portals

Links to online training portals

Recommended Computers for new St. Lawrence Students

Information for incoming students about what type of computer to purchase for classes while attending St. Lawrence University.

Resources and Info for Retirees

Information for retired faculty and staff.

Scheduled Maintenance Windows for SLU Systems

St. Lawrence University's IT services are scheduled for regular maintenance occur during the 3rd week each month (Monday-Friday 1:00 AM - 5:00 AM).

Technology Recommendations for Students

This article provides specifics of what technology every new student should or should not bring to campus.

Transfering to a New Smart Phone

Instructions for what to do to prepare for a new phone and how to set it up when it arrives.

Where to view Cable TV at St. Lawrence

This article gives a summary of where on campus you can watch cable TV and which streaming services IT recommends for personal use if you want to subscribe yourself.

Instructional Technology Apprenticeship Program (ITAP)

Learn more about the ITAP position and how to apply.