APR2 is the course planning and registration system for advisors and students. In consultation with their advisor, students can chart their course path semesters in advance.

For assistance with planning and registration, including issues with holds and permissions, please contact your advisor, the Academic Advising office or the Registrar's office. For assistance with using or troubleshooting the system due to a technical issue, contact the ODY Service Desk or search our knowledge base.

Articles (7)

APR2 for Advisors

This article explains how advisers can search the course catalog in APR 2.0, and view an advisee's course plan and progress.

APR2: Account Configured Incorrectly

This article explains why some users may receive the "Your account has been configured incorrectly. Please contact the site administrator." message upon logging in to APR 2.0.

Course Registration in APR2

This article explains how students register for and drop courses on APR 2.0.

Plan Course Schedule in APR2

This article explains how to plan your course schedule in APR2.

Review Your Degree Progress

This article explains how students can review their academic progress toward their degree, and view requirements for other programs in APR 2.0.

Update Emergency Contact Information in APR2

This article explains how to update your emergency contact information in the APR2 advising system. Information on this form other than the Emergency Contacts is optional.