Canvas provides tools and features leveraged by instructors for teaching at SLU.

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How do I organize my Canvas Dashboard?

When you multiple Canvas courses, you can customize the courses you want to show on your Dashboard by creating a “favorite” list under your All Courses. Note: When no courses are favorited (the default), the dashboad with display up to 20 courses alphabetically.

Managing Participants on Canvas

Students are automatically enrolled in Canvas sites as it is synchronized with the student registration system. This article explains how instructors can manually add participants to their site if needed.

Publishing a Canvas Course

This article explains how to publish / unpublish a Canvas course. All Canvas course sites are created automatically unpublished. Students will not be able to access a Canvas course if it is not published.

Sakai to Canvas Migration Information

This page contains information on the process of migrating content from Sakai to Canvas.

SLU Canvas Resources for Faculty

This is your one-stop source for information to help you use Canvas successfully in your teaching.

SLU Canvas Resources for Students

This is your one-stop source for information to help you use Canvas successfully.

Transferring Content and Settings from Canvas Sites

This article explains how to transfer content and settings (e.g., files, modules, discussions, quizzes, assignments, etc.) between Canvas sites.