Colleague Links

Colleague Self-Service (aka APR2) - for student registration, payroll time entry and approval for all employees other than SEUI

Log in to Colleague Self-Service to access functions such as:  

Student Registration, Student and Employee Time Entry, Student Billing, The Course Catalog, Budget Selections, Budget Summaries, Purchasing, Requisitions, Receive Goods and Services, Purchase Orders, Approve Documents, Request Payments, Tax Information, W2s, and Banking Information.

Colleague Web Advisor (Time Entry and Approval for SEIU Staff)

(Right click the link below and choose "Open Link in Incognito Window" in Chrome or "Open Link in New Private Window" in Firefox.)

Log in to Colleague Web Advisor to access functions such as: 

Web Time Entry, Time Approval, and Pay Advices.

Colleague UI*

Log in to Colleague UI to access administrative functions of the Colleague systems.

*Note: You will need to be on campus or connected to the VPN to access Colleague UI.

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