Conference Bridge Phone: User Instructions

To Begin Conference Call

  1. Invite your participants, and provide them with the following details:
    • Date & time of the call
    • Dial-in number
    • Participant entry code
  1. At the designated date/time, enter your dial-in code from any telephone.
  2. At the prompt, key-in your Chairperson Entry code. 

NOTE: ​​​​​​We recommend that the chairperson, dial in early (at least 10 minutes); participants that dial-in before the chairperson will be placed on hold until the chairperson has connected.

Chairperson (Host) Commands

Chairperson Commands

Key-Prompt    Command Description
*0 Operator Assistance Connects you with a live conferencing operator.
*5 Mute/unmute all Allows you to mute the lines of all participants.
Use when making a presentation; to unmute all lines, press *5 again.
*6 Mute your line Reduce background noise on the call (if you are in a noisy environment); to unmute your line, press *6 again.
*7 Lock/unlock your conference To control your meeting and ensure no one else can enter, you can lock your conference call; to unlock your line, press *7 again.
#1 Play roll call Plays back the recorded names of the participants on your call.
## End conference This will drop all participants.



For questions or to report problems during the call, press *0 to summon an operator.

For questions or to report problems after the call, contact the ODY Service Desk at (315) 229-5770.


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