Information regarding university phones, including making calls, transferring calls, conference calls, etc.

Articles (7)

Call Forwarding (NEC and Polycom Phones)

Various methods for forwarding phone calls on NEC and Polycom campus phones.

How to fix a Polycom Phone if it only rings one time.

This article shows you how to fix an issue where a Polycom phone will only ring one time.

Making International Calls

Making international calls with NEC and Polycom phones on St. Lawrence University campus.

Making Local Calls

Making phone calls with NEC and Polycom campus phones.

Polycom Calling Tutorial

This article outlines information on making and receiving calls with Polycom Lync integrated phones.

Polycom Conference Call

This article explains how to add multiple participants to a phone call on a Polycom telephone.

Transfer a Call (NEC and Polycom)

Transferring calls for NEC and Polycom phones at St. Lawrence University.