Frequently Asked Technology Questions for CAs

"How do I get access to the Wi-Fi and Printing?"

You and your residents can find the instructions for Wi-Fi, Printing, and all of the other SLU resources at the Incoming Students page. The easiest way for students to navigate there is by typing the URL into the Address bar:

"How do I set up my game console/smart tv/other devices?"

That information can also be found in the Incoming Students page here. 

"Should I bring my residents to the IT Help Desk during Orientation?"

The Incoming Students page is designed for students to be able to get themselves set up with minimal effort. Please let your residents know to visit the Incoming Students page. While the Help Desk will be staffed during Orientation, we will not have enough capacity to facilitate each CA bringing all of their residents to the desk at once. If someone is having trouble following the guides, you are welcome to bring those individuals to the IT Help Desk during open hours. 

"What if I'm having a problem with my technology?"

Students that need help with their technology are always welcome to come to the IT Help Desk on the bottom floor of ODY Library. We provide setups for online SLU resources and basic troubleshooting assistance. We can also recommend repair options for more severe hardware issues. 

"Help! I spilled a drink on my computer!"

Turn off the computer immediately and do not attempt to power it on. Use a dry paper towel to wipe up any visible water. Let the computer dry for no fewer than 48 hours. Attempting to turn on the computer while there is still liquid inside can result in permanent damage. The IT Help Desk also can assist with drying a student's computer in one of our dry bins.

"The Wi-Fi isn't working in this part of the building."

Please submit a service request if the Wi-Fi is not working properly for multiple residents in your building. Our network team can check the status of the access points, or add additional points if signal is too weak in an area of the building.

"I can't sign into APR2 and registration is tomorrow!"

There are two main factors that tend to prevent students from signing into APR2:

  1. Students must sign in using their username instead of their full email address. For instance, if your resident's email is, in the "Username" field of APR2, they should only type jdoe22
  2. On the Password Reset page, under "Password Guidelines", there is a list of characters that cannot be included in a student's password. If the student has any of those characters in their password, they will need to reset their password and choose one that does not include any of those characters.

"What if I have other questions?"

Students can always stop by or call the IT Help Desk during open hours to receive assistance. You can also submit a service request as well.


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