Scheduled Maintenance Windows for SLU Systems

Maintenance Windows:

Regular scheduled maintenance for production servers and systems are scheduled for the 3rd week of each month -- Monday-Friday, 1:00am to 5:00am. During these regularly scheduled maintenance windows some services and/or network resources may be unavailable for use. Below you can find a schedule of when each service will be under maintenance and could be offline:

Service Name Day of the Week
Cboard/Odyssey Monday
Printing Monday
EMS Tuesday
Image Now Tuesday
Kronos Tuesday
TMA Tuesday
Booklog Wednesday
Ensemble Wednesday
SLU VPN Friday

More Information:

Maintenance windows allow IT to apply Windows updates, patches, perform critical maintenance, and/or upgrades in order to keep St. Lawrence University's services, servers, and networks functioning optimally and securely. Please note, even if downtime is not expected, you should use extreme caution when using a system or service during its scheduled maintenance window; any changes you make during a maintenance window may not be saved.

Scheduled downtimes are critical for performing routine maintenance and are a vital part of its normal procedures for delivering robust information technology services.

If you have any questions, please contact the ODY Service Desk via phone at 315-229-5770, or via email at

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