Sending Mail and/or Packages

Purchasing Stamps

You can purchase stamps at two different locations on campus, both options are located in the Sullivan Student Center. You can purchase stamps with...

  • Your Community Wide Account (CWA) at the Student Mail Center during business hours
  • A credit or debit card at the Mail&Go kiosk at the Student Mail Center

Sending Mail

The Student Mail Center (SMC) accepts stamped mail and pre-paid UPS, FedEx and USPS packages to be sent off campus. All mail leaves the SMC at 1:30pm, Monday through Friday. Mail received after 1:30pm will be sent following business day. To ensure proper delivery, all mail must have a return address in the upper left corner.

Student Organization Mailings

The Student Mail Center (SMC) only accepts mass mailings from officially recognized student organizations. All student organization mailings are subject to approval by the Office of Student Activities. In compliance with the Office of Student Activities rules, your event must follow University policies. For information on these policies, please contact the Office of Student Activities & Leadership.


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