Print, Fax, Scan, Copy & Mail

Services related to Printing, Faxing, Scanning, Copying, & Mailing.

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SLU Public Printing

Information about St. Lawrence University's SLU Public Printing program for students, faculty, and staff.

Office Services

Mail, Printing (Poster, Banner, etc.), Duplicating...

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Poster Printing

Learn about printing large items such as posters for class.

University Copier Locations

Copiers are stationed at various locations across campus. These copier serve as SLU Public Printing stations where student, faculty, and staff can print jobs from their printing queue, scan documents, or make copies.

Printing Help

Request support of a printing problem.

Printer Repair

Request service or repair of a university printer.

Copier Repair

Request support of a university copier.


Request support of scanning services.


Request support of fax services.