Course Withdrawal


  • A course withdrawal form may be submitted until the end of the 10th week of classes for Fall/Spring, and the end of the 3rd week of classes for summer session.
  • Students are required to consult with the instructor and their advisor - proof of consent from both individuals must be attached at the time of form submission.
  • NCAA Division 1 athletes and international students may not withdraw if the change decreases their enrollment to less than 3.5 units. 
  • Students are encouraged to consult with Financial Aid, Student Financial Services, International Student Services, or Athletics as needed.
  • For the complete policy, please see the "Withdrawal from a Course" section of the most current University Catalog.

Additional Details

Undergrad Level:
3.5 course units are required to maintain minimum full-time status.

Graduate Level:
2.49 units are required to maintain minimum full-time status.

Many financial aid packages do not extend aid to students enrolled less than full time. Eligibility for New York State TAP or other New York State aid awards for current or future semesters may be impaired when you withdraw from a course. Veterans or students receiving veteran benefits may wish to consult with the Registrar prior to withdrawal from a course.

Students on Academic Probation, International Students, Athletes who participate in an NCAA sport, and Students on Financial Aid must be full time.

For more information, contact:

  • Student Financial Services at 315-229-5569
  • Financial Aid at 315-229-5265
  • International Student Services at 315-229-5141, or Athletics at 315-229-5421
  • Registrar at 315-229-5267
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