Zoom for Web Conferencing

You must sign in to https://stlawu.zoom.us (which activates your Basic account) before requesting a Licensed account. Click the Request Service button on this page to request a Licensed account. If you are unsure if you have a Licensed account, sign in to https://stlawu.zoom.us, click Profile and see User Type.

Getting Started

There is no sign up required. Do not create an account at zoom.us. Sign in to Zoom at https://stlawu.zoom.us with your St. Lawrence network credentials. If you've never hosted a web conference, we recommend an orientation. Contact the IT Help Desk to arrange a quick chat and test meeting with an Educational Technologist. Additional help resources are available at:

To ensure your meeting starts on time and without issues, we recommend you:

  1. Arrange test connections with anyone new to Zoom or web conferencing
  2. Encourage participants to join 5 minutes early

Participants can test their setup and connection on their own at https://zoom.us/test

Do I need an account?

Only if you're hosting the meeting. Anyone, with or without a St. Lawrence email address or Zoom account, and whether or not they're signed in to Zoom, can participate in your meeting by clicking the link in the meeting invitation you send them. Students do not need an account to join a class session.

Do I need a Licensed account?

Sign in to https://stlawu.zoom.us to activate your basic account before requesting a Licensed account.

Basic accounts are assigned by default when a user signs in at https://stlawu.zoom.us. Basic and Licensed accounts support up to 300 total participants, though meetings with three or more total participants are limited to 40 minutes when hosted by a user with a Basic account.

If your meeting has three or more total participants and will exceed 40 minutes*, click Request Service on this page to request a Licensed account. Sign in to https://stlawu.zoom.us to activate your basic account before requesting a Licensed account. Additional features included with a Licensed account are: a customizable personal meeting ID and personal link, recording to the Zoom Cloud (Basic accounts can record to your computer), and being an alternative host.

Students can request a Licensed account for University sponsored academic support, business, clubs, coursework, and research. Student Licensed accounts will revert to basic accounts at the end of the semester in which they were requested unless other arrangements are made.

*Licensed meetings are limited to 24 hours and will time out under certain conditions.

Using Zoom in your teaching?

Students do not need an account to join a class session. We recommend a consultation with an Educational Technologist to explore how advanced features in Zoom may support your course objectives. As of July 1, 2020, Zoom no longer integrates with Sakai. Instructors should schedule all meetings directly at https://stlawu.zoom.us and share links manually. For courses, create a Recurring Meeting with No Fixed Time for each course. For office hours, use your Personal Meeting ID and enabling the Waiting Room.

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