Transfer Credit Evaluation

Before a non-SLU course can be taken for credit at SLU, it must be approved by the Department Chair.

Guidelines for Incoming Transfer Credit

  1. Coursework must be taken at an accredited institution; Certificate of Completion NOT accepted.
  2. Grades must be a 2.0 ( C ) or better.
    • Grades are not averaged into the SLU GPA.
  3. Matriculated students are limited to a maximum of 8.0 units accepted through transfer.
  4. Universities operate with different credit systems.
    • A program defined by another institution as a “semester” does not obligate St. Lawrence to accept the transfer of any specific number of units; see examples below:
      • One (1) SLU unit = 3.6 semester hours;
      • Three (3) semester hours = .83 SLU unit;
      • Three (3) quarter hours = .56 SLU unit).
    • Questions surrounding transfer credit evaluation, please contact the Registrar. .
      • Email:
      • Phone: (315) 229-5267

How to Track & Apply Transfer Credit

  1. Send the course description to the appropriate SLU department chair and ask for transfer course approval. 

  2. Once you have Department Chair approval, complete this form by using "Request Service" button on the right.

  3. Using the attachment field, you must upload a copy of the Department Chair's approval.

  4. Once you've completed the course, you'll need to request an official transcript (from the host institution) be sent to the Registrar at SLU (
    • When the official transcript is received, the transfer credit can be applied to your record.
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