Academic Petition

Academic Petitions Committee 

The Academic Petitions Committee meets weekly when school is in session to review petition requests. Petitions must be submitted by 12:00 p.m. Friday for consideration during the same week.

Students occasionally experience extenuating circumstances that interfere with their intent to follow rules and procedures regarding various facets of University life. Students may also find confusing or unacceptable an interpretation of a rule or procedure as applied to their individual situation. The academic petitions committee meets weekly when classes are in session during the fall and spring semesters to discuss requests by students to consider exceptions to University policy regarding schedule changes, course grade options, distribution requirements and graduation requirements. Appropriate documentation and academic advisor and/or course instructor substantiation of claims to extenuating circumstances must be provided by the petitioning student. Information about the petition procedure is available from the chair of the academic petitions committee or the registrar. 

Academic Petition Guidelines

Please contact the Associate Dean for Advising at (315) 229-5580 or for consultation as you compose your petition.

Petitions that do not meet the following guidelines will be tabled and sent back to the student for completion.

  1. Consider the importance of the petition. Include notation that clearly states your purpose and rationale.
  2. Obtain all required signatures as follows:
    • Academic Advisor: ALL petitions
    • Department Chair: Waivers of maximum units in major
  3. In accordance with the type of Academic Petition, attach: supporting statement(s) by faculty/staff member(s); other documentation as the individual case warrants; other completed documents as follows:
    • Add/Drop or Course Overload Form for Late Schedule Change Petitions
    • Withdrawal Form for Course Withdrawal Petitions
    • Pass/Fail Form for Pass/Fail Petitions
    • Explanation for tardiness for Missed Deadline Petitions
    • Explanation of extenuating circumstances for Repeat Course Request Petitions
  4. An appeal of action may be made under certain conditions on an Academic Appeal form.
    • Additional considerations and documentation must be addressed to warrant re-submission.
      • Include your name and student identification number on all documentation. 
    • Appeals will NOT be considered without additional considerations and documentation.
    • Actions on Academic appeals will be forwarded to the student's St. Lawrence University email account.
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