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Request access to departmental email, listserves etc.

How to address campus mail to ensure timely delivery.

Information about backing up your data and having a recovery plan.

Submit a request to borrow technology equipment.

Mailings of 200 pieces or more.

Get help with a broken cable jack.

New course capacity, request a classroom assignment change.

If you are seeking a potential upgrade to an existing classroom or teaching space, please fill out this form.

Connect smart devices to the SLU Network.

Ask general questions regarding the Colleague Cloud Migration project.

If you suspect that your network account has been compromised, change your network password immediately.

Information about requesting a conference bridge phone.

Use this form to contact Educational Technologies staff with questions or to request a technology consultation.

Information about managing content for St. Lawrence University websites in Drupal. You can also request to have any web information (e.g. directory) updated here.

Consider these copyright compliance “best practices” when making readings available to your students…