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Consider these copyright compliance “best practices” when making readings available to your students…

Services related to hardware installation, & repair.

Before a non-SLU course can be taken for credit at SLU, it must be approved by the Department Chair.

Web forms and surveys for academic research.

Including P Drive, T Drive, S Drive etc.

Set or reset your SLU Network password.

A student is permitted to elect up to four (4) semester course units of work to be graded Pass/Fail during their four (4) years in university. The Pass/Fail option may be chosen for semester course units taken to satisfy distribution requirements or any elective semester units outside the major or minor.

Students may take any four courses in a semester, regardless of their unit value, without additional tuition charges. Students may also take five or six courses that total no more than 4.75 units without additional tuition charges. An overload consists of five or six courses totaling more than 4.75 units, or more than six courses.

Vector Solutions Training Portal

Information about connecting to campus resources from off campus using VPN (Virtual Private Network).

If you are unable to find the service you are looking for please submit your request here.

All Outlook Email, including your SLU account and department/shared accounts.

Business Office use only

Request network drive access for new employees in your department.
Including P Drive, T Drive, S Drive etc.

Mailings of 200 pieces or more.

Report problems with classroom technology.

While at St. Lawrence, students are permitted two times to withdraw from a course.

Unlike with an add/drop (available during the first seven days of the semester), the course remains on the student's transcript, with a “W” in lieu of a grade.

Students are not permitted to withdraw from FYP or FYS.

Advisor acknowledgement must accompany your withdraw request.

The core systems or applications that support business processes at SLU.

Some of the supported systems include, but aren't limited to Colleague, Saints (SLU) Portal, Self Service (APR 2.0), Report Manager, CROA, EMS, Residence, Advocate, SLUWire, NYAlert (Everbridge), Slate,TMA, Kronos, GLOAD, the Raiser's Edge, Pitney Bowes or SAINTS Legacy System
Web Applications (Course Evaluations,Door Code Generator and Instructional Resources)

Add an interactive component to your class with iClicker, TurningPoint, Poll Everywhere or wireless quiz buzzers.

How and where to purchase stamps.

Report problems that you face once Colleague to the Cloud Migration Project goes live.

Microsoft OneDrive is a personal document library intended for storing and organizing your documents and other files