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Services or Offerings?
Report problems with classroom technology.

Submit a request to borrow technology equipment.

Submit a request to have office technology (phone, computer, monitor, etc.) set up or moved from one location to another.

Information about purchasing additional computers with startup funds.

Request repair of a university owned device.

Add an interactive component to your class with iClicker, TurningPoint, Poll Everywhere or wireless quiz buzzers.

Use this form to contact Educational Technologies staff with questions or to request a technology consultation.

Information about technology support for events.

This general support request provides a way for faculty, staff and students to submit a support request for technology-related issues or problems through an easy-to-use form.

This drive is used by the arts and music departments for projects.

St. Lawrence University provides personal computer support and repair for all current students. Click for more information.

Get help with a broken cable jack.

St. Lawrence University will work with our partners to properly dispose of electronic waste.

Request assistance with the installation of new applications or software here.

Submit your project request here.