Software Support

Services related to software consultation, configuration, installation, & repair.

Services (5)

Report a Software Problem

Click here if you are having a problem with software on your device.

Software Installation

Request assistance with the installation of new applications or software here.

Software Consultation

Make a request for software to be installed for class use. This service request is intended to be able to ask for new software to be installed that may not already be present, rather than updating any software that is already installed.

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is a personal document library intended for storing and organizing your documents and other files. You can access OneDrive anywhere, and use it to share files with others both within and outside of the University. You may store up to 1TB with OneDrive, and you'll maintain access as long as you have an active St. Lawrence University network account.

Backups & Recovery Disks

Information about backing up your data and having a recovery plan.