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At St. Lawrence University, creating an inclusive environment for our diverse student body is a priority. We recognize that some students prefer to be identified by a first name other than their legal name. All SLU students therefore have the option to use a first name different than their legal name on certain University records. Any student may choose to identify a chosen first name in addition to their legal name (as listed on the driver’s license, social security card, passport, etc.)

The University will display the chosen first name to the University community where feasible and appropriate and make a good faith effort to update records, documents and systems accordingly. This procedure applies to those students who wish to use a chosen name on campus.

A student who indicates a chosen name will see it used whenever possible in campus systems and documents, with the exception of cases where the student’s legal name is required by law. Please note that last names can only be changed with documentation of a legal name change.

What is a Chosen Name?

A chosen first name is a name other than your legal first name by which you wish to be identified. Your legal name is that which appears on your legal documentation, such as your social security card, birth certificate, passport, or driver’s license.

Campus Use of Chosen Name

Places Where Chosen Name Will Appear
The University will display the chosen first name to the University community where feasible and appropriate and make a good faith effort to update records, documents and systems accordingly.

Once the Registrar’s Office makes the updates, our University will then make every effort to update our many independent systems across campus to reflect your chosen name where possible. Generally, you can expect to see your chosen name in the following places:

  • Online directory
  • Email display of name
  • IT Support System
  • Class rosters / APR2 / Sakai / Library
  • Commencement programs
  • Residence Life Rosters
  • Diplomas (optional)
  • Co-curricular rosters (athletic rosters, student organization membership, etc. and related reporting)

Places Where Legal Name Will Appear

  • Financial Aid and Billing
  • Official and unofficial transcripts
  • Enrollment verification
  • Accounts payable & student refund checks
  • Paychecks & paystubs
  • Required information reporting to the IRS (W2, 1098T, 1042S, etc.)
  • Certain official forms or correspondence from the University (financial aid awards, new hire forms, etc.)
  • Medical records 
  • Disciplinary records, including Safety & Security reports
  • Federal immigration documents
  • Official correspondence with external entities

Frequently Asked Questions

If I indicated a chosen name during the application/admissions process, can I change it now?

Yes, you can follow the same process above to either change or remove the chosen name we have on file for you.

Can I set my chosen name to anything I want?

SLU will allow chosen name changes within reason. We reserve the right to refuse a chosen name request if it is considered inappropriate.

Can I use my chosen name everywhere on campus?

The University will use your chosen name everywhere possible (please see the list above of places you will see your chosen name used). However, there are cases where use of your legal name is required by law. Only a documented legal name change will update what you see everywhere on campus.

How long will it take for my chosen name change to take effect?

Adjusting our campus procedures to include the use of chosen names is a priority for St. Lawrence, and our goal is to make the changes to your name as quickly as possible. However, due to the University’s many information systems and the complexity and interrelated nature of these systems, it may take several weeks for the name to be updated in all locations. We appreciate your patience as we expand our ability to use chosen names across our campus and work toward providing an efficient solution for this important need. If you have an immediate need or concern please reach out to the registrar’s office at 315-229-5268.

Who do I contact if I still see my legal name somewhere I think my chosen name should be?

While it will take time to update the many systems across campus, we will do our best to ensure this happens as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

If you do find that your legal name is still appearing in a place where you believe your chosen name should be, please contact the Registrar’s office by calling 315-229-5267 or by visiting the Registrar's Office - Vilas 117.

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