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Instructions for how to install Adobe applications through the Creative Cloud app.
A list of software that the university offers to be installed on personal devices.
This is a tutorial on how to install Minitab Express for Windows and Mac. You can also use the SLU Virtual Desktop if you don't want to install Minitab Express on your personal computer.
ChemDraw Prime 17.1 is available for free to all students and faculty through our Site License with PerkinElmer Informatics and Cambridge Software. In addition to your personal copy, it's installed on the Windows 10 classroom and lab computers and the virtual SLU Windows Desktop (
Software Center is a part the System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) that is installed on most St. Lawrence University desktops and laptops running Microsoft Windows. Software Center shows software that has been installed, is available for install, as well as any Microsoft Updates that are required. In-place operating system upgrades and new operating deployments can also be made available through Software Center.
This article explains how to install SLU Public Printing on Mac computers.
This article explains how to print to SLU Public Printing from a Chromebook.
This article explains how to install SLU Public Printing on widows devices.
When employees get new computers, sometimes SAINTS isn't installed correctly or at all. This article explains the process for installing SAINTS on a University Computer.