Install Minitab Express


Note: to use Minitab Express off-campus, you must be connected to SLU VPN

  1. Map the N drive to your computer, and open it
  2. Open the Apps folder
  3. Open the Menu folder
  4. Open SLU Network Menu
  5. Open Software for Courses
  6. Open Statistics
  7. Click on the Minitab Express for Windows shortcut to start the installation process
  8. Click Next, accept the End-User License Agreement, and click Next
  9. When you are prompted to a Enter the name of the license server, enter license.stlawu.local
  10. Check the Specify Port Number box, then enter 27003
  11. Click Next, Next, and then Install
  12. When prompted for Registration the first time you open Minitab Express, enter your St. Lawrence email address, first name, last name, and click Register Now

Additional Information

Minitab can be used on Mac via the Remote Apps or Remote Desktop. For more information about the Remote Apps and Remote Desktop, click this link:


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