Setup Outlook on iOS and Android

  • Download and install the Microsoft Outlook app
  • Open the Microsoft Outlook App 
  • In the field that says "Enter your work or personal email" 
    • Enter your St. Lawrence email address
    • Click Next
  • *If prompted with "Please Authenticate", click on Open Authenticator*
  • Enter your St. Lawrence email address and password
  • Click Sign in
  • If prompted with "Would you like to add another account?"
    • Click Maybe Later
  • If prompted with a Tutorial Screen
    • Feel free to swipe through the screens for a basic introduction to the app
    • Or click Skip
  • You may be prompted to Enable Notifications for your device
    • Choose No Thanks or Turn On depending on your preference
  • Email should now be setup on your iOS or Android device with the Microsoft Outlook App.


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