Configure Email on Android Devices (Faculty/Staff)

Android settings vary significantly across different Android Versions. For SLU email and calendar, Outlook is a consistent solution, regardless of the Android Version.

Configure Email and Calendar on Outlook for Android

  1. Download Microsoft Outlook from the Google Play Store
  2. Tap Get Started within the application
  3. Type in your St. Lawrence University email address and tap Continue
  4. When you see the St. Lawrence University banner at the top of your phone screen, tap the back button
  5. Select Exchange
  6. Toggle Advanced Settings
  7. For Email Address, type in your full St. Lawrence University email address
  8. For Server, type in
  9. For Domain\Username, type in stlawu\your-SLU-Username
  10. Enter your SLU Network Password in the password field
  11. For Description, provide a description of your choice for SLU Email on your phone

For Other Email Applications

The steps above vary depending on the mail application you choose. For other mail applications, navigate to the Exchange option when selecting the Account Type, and then follow the same directions as above (Step 5 - Step 10).





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