How to view your St. Lawrence Email (Students)


One of the most important resources as a student is your St. Lawrence email. You will be expected to check it regularly for updates from your professors, as well as to receive news and other information. This can be made easier by setting up your email on your phone.

Note that St. Lawrence University requires using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to access your account.  When setting your password you will be prompted to validate your mobile phone number, alternative email address, and to install the Microsoft Authenticator app.  When logging in using MFA you will need to validate your identity using one of these methods.

How to view email in your web browser

To check your email on your computer, you can do so by visiting the Outlook website at the following address:

How to set up email on your phone

  1. Download and Install the Microsoft Outlook App From the App Store/Play Store
  2. Open the Microsoft Outlook App
  3. In the field that says "Enter your work or personal email"
    • Enter your St. Lawrence Email Address
    • Tap Next
  4. Enter your St. Lawrence email address and password
  5. Tap Sign In 
  6. If prompted with "Would you like to add another account?"
    • If you do not wish to add an additional email tap Maybe Later
    • If you have another email account you wish to add feel free to add that now
  7. If prompted with a Tutorial Screen 
    • ​​​​​​Feel free to swipe through the screens for basic introduction to the app
    • If you do not wish to look through the tutorial feel free to tap Skip
  8. You may be prompted to Enable Notifications for your device
    • Choose No thanks or Turn On depending on your preferences 
  9. Email should now be set up on your android device with the Microsoft Outlook App

Video tutorial for iPhone

Video tutorial for Android


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