Using Software for Class Remotely via


The Remote Support website offers students and faculty the ability to use software for class without installing anything directly onto their personal computers. 


Please note: the Remote Software website is only available on Desktop and Laptop computers (Mac or PC).

  1. Navigate to the Remote Software website.
  2. Sign in with your SLU username and password.
  3. Under the "Work Resources" tab, click on the application you need to use.
  4. In the "Access Local Resources" box that pops up, leave Printers and Clipboard checked, and click Allow.
  5. After a moment, a window with your chosen app will appear.
    • If you need to return to the Application selection, click on the "All Resources" button.

Additional Information


The Remote Software server can become overloaded and slow when too many people are connected at once. When you are finished using an app within the website, please close all windows of the application, then click on the user icon (the one that looks like a number "8") and Log Out. This will help to ensure everyone has the smoothest experience possible.



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