Distribution Group Overview


Distribution groups are University email lists that the University and departments use to send email communication to specific groups. New distribution groups can be requested and are created by Information Technology. Distribution group owners can manage and edit their own group membership. 

Sample Distribution Group


Easily recognizable name. "SLU2021 - St. Lawrence University Class of 2021"
Alias Address based name that complies with procedural guidelines. "SLU2021-g"
Email Address


Members These are the email addresses that will be included in the Distribution. We are currently only allowing internal SLU email addresses in our Distribution groups.
Open Anyone can join and leave the group without being approved by the group owners/manager.
Closed Members can only be added and removed by group owners/managers. All requests to join will be rejected automatically.
Message Moderation By default, all members of a Distribution are allowed to send email to the group. If Message Moderation is enabled, there are 2 different roles available...
Moderators These individuals or groups will receive notice of new messages being send to the group and must either Approve the message for delivery to the group or Reject the message.
Moderator Exempt These individuals or groups do not require Moderator approval to send messages to the Distribution group.

Additional Information

For information on managing a distribution group in the Webmail client, please click here.

For information on managing a distribution group in the Outlook desktop app, please click here.



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