Getting Started with Gradescope

Save time grading paper-based assignments. Gradescope supports worksheets, quizzes/exams, and papers. Students upload handwritten assignments ("scanned" with cell phone camera) to be graded. Grade with a rubric that can be created/changed as you work through submissions.

Access Gradescope


  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with your St. Lawrence University email and password

Sakai Integration

Adding the Sakai integration will add your course and roster in Gradescope.

  1. From your Sakai site, click Site Info
  2. Click Manage Tools
  3. Click External Tools
  4. Check the box for Gradescope
  5. Click Continue
  6. Click Finish
Sakai gradebook items for Gradescope assignments must be created in Gradescope. Gradescope cannot be linked to existing Sakai gradebook items. Sakai gradebook items created by Gradescope cannot be removed from Sakai once created. They can only be hidden.

Additional Documentation

For Students

For Instructors


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