Transferring Content and Settings from Sakai Sites

Copy Content from Specific Tools

  1. Open the new Sakai site
  2. Make sure the tools you want to import over are enabled on the new site
  3. Click Site Info
  4. Click Import from Site
  5. Choose to either Merge or Replace your data
  6. Select the Sakai site to import content from
  7. Select the tools that contain the content you wish to import
  8. Click Finish

Copy Individual Resources or Files

  1. Open Resources on the new site
  2. Click Show Other Sites to display folders from other sites
  3. Check the corresponding box(es) on the left for the items you wish to copy
  4. Click Copy
  5. Open the folder you wish to copy content to
  6. Click Actions
  7. Click Paste Copied Item


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