Self Service Time Entry for CSEA Employees (Non-Shift Differential)


This article explains how to enter time in Colleague Self Service for employees that do not work shift differential.


Getting Started

  • Click on the Time Entry button

  • Choose the appropriate POSITION and WEEK of the pay period to enter time or view previous entries

In the image below, at the upper left corner you can see the Position ID and Title, and under those fields, your supervisor’s name and title, a summary of the hours entered and the status of the time card, i.e., unsubmitted.  

On the upper right side is the Save button, you can use to save, but the time card will also automatically save and show you the time it was saved.  You can click on the View Leave Balances to see your leave balances.   

You can use the arrows to navigate between the time card weeks, depending which week you are currently on, go forward or backward.  

If you have a work schedule the hours are shown across the top of the time card.   

Entering Regular Work Time

If you see Work Schedule and you worked a normal week, you can simply click "Apply" and it will automatically fill out your time card with the hours you are scheduled to work.  

If you do not see Work Schedule, enter in the total number of hours you worked each day in the "Regular" box for each day you worked.


  • You can also Apply the Work Schedule and adjust regular hours for days that you did not work your regular schedule.
  • Time sheets are automatically saved as you adjust them but you can edit the time card anytime until it is approved by your supervisor.
  • Hours entered are summarized at the bottom of the screen.
  • Weekly overtime hours are calculated automatically by the system so any hours over your normal schedule will be calculated at the overtime rate.
  • See below for instructions regarding Daily Overtime.

Adding Benefit and Additional Time

To add benefit or additional time types, click the "Additional Time" button shown in the picture above.

Select the appropriate time type from the menu that says "Choose Earn Type"


Vacation:  Choose Vacation under the Additional Time and enter the hour(s).

Sick: Choose Sick under the Additional Time and enter the hour(s)

Holiday: Choose Holiday and enter scheduled work hours you would normally work on that day. DO NOT ENTER REGULAR HOURS ON A HOLIDAY. If you worked on a holiday, see the information below.

President Holiday: Choose President Holiday and enter scheduled work hours.  

Holiday Hours Worked Non-Shift: Enter time worked on a holiday using this code if you worked a shift that does not qualify for shift differential.

Callback CSEA Min 2HRS: Choose Callback and enter 2 hours or more if you worked over the 2 hour minimum.

Daily Overtime Over 8: Choose Daily Overtime Over 8, and enter the hour(s) worked over 7.5 hours that should be counted as overtime. Enter your regularly scheduled hours, add the Daily Overtime line, and put in the time there, do not include it in the Regular hours. Flexible scheduled hours are not eligible for daily overtime so if your supervisor did not require you to work more than your scheduled hours enter the additional hours in the Regular hours.

Extra Holiday: Choose Extra Holiday and enter your scheduled work hours.

Personal Business: Choose Personal Business and enter the hour(s)

Holiday Hours Worked Non-Shift: Choose Holiday Hours Worked Non-Shift if you worked on the Holiday but not on a shift eligible for shift differential (In addition to the Holiday entry above) and enter the hours worked.  This time is paid at time and a half and does not include shift differential.

Holiday Hours Worked CSEA Shf: Choose Holiday Hours Worked CSEA Shf if you worked on the Holiday on a shift eligible for a shift differential (In addition to the Holiday entry above) and enter the hours worked.  This time is paid at time and a half and includes shift differential.  SEE SCREENSHOT BELOW

NOTE: You can click on Remove Holiday (in the example above) and Yes to remove any Additional Time entries.

Summer Hours Clerical: Choose Summer Hours and enter the .50 (1/2) hour.

Bereavement: Choose Bereavement and enter the hours.

Jury Duty: Choose Jury Duty and enter the hours.


Unauthorized Leave No Pay: Choose Unauthorized Leave No Pay and enter the time.

Unpaid Sick: Choose Unpaid Sick and enter the time.

Authorized Leave No Pay: Choose Authorized Leave No Pay.

Additional Information

If you have questions about entering time in this system, please contact the Business Office or Human Resources.

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