Assign A Manager Proxy in Colleague Self Service


This article explains how to set up a proxy for managers in Colleague Self Service.  The proxy function replaces the alternative approver function from the previous payroll system.  For someone other than the manager of an employee to approve time, they must be assigned by the manager of the employee.  Please note that previous alternative approvers will not automatically be in the new system.


  • Click on the Employee Proxy tile

  • Click on Add Proxy

  • Once you click on +Add Proxy you will be presented with the following form

  • Select Proxy Type:  Time Approval
  • Effective Date: defaults to current date; you can’t back date a proxy. 
  • Enter a Revoke Date (the format is x/x/xxxx) and note the message that advises “Proxy access ends at 12:01 AM on this date.” 
  • Enter the name of the employee or Colleague ID, whom you want as your proxy, Colleague will search for whom you entered.  Choose the correct individual if multiple names are found.
  • Click Add Proxy 
  • Check the following confirmation

  • Delete a proxy: click on the red X in the circle, at the end of the row, and the following message is displayed.

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