Send Zoom Recordings to Panopto

Zoom meetings recorded to the cloud can automatically be moved to a Meeting Recordings folder in your personal folder (My Folder) in Panopto. Once the recording is processed on Panopto, recordings can be moved to other Panopto folders (e.g., your Sakai course folder if you have enabled the Sakai integration) and the original recording on Zoom will be deleted.

Enable Zoom + Panopto Integration

Once you have signed in to Panopto at least once (either directly or via Sakai), submit a request for an Educational Technologist  to set up this integration for you.

Move a Meeting Recording to your Sakai Course Folder

Be sure you have added the Panopto tool to your Sakai course.

  1. Log in to your Sakai course
  2. Click Panopto
  3. Click the course folder in the Panopto window (e.g. MATH 999 01 SU20) to browse for a new folder
  4. Click My Folder
  5. Click Meeting Recordings
  6. Mouse over your recording and click Settings
  7. Next to Folder click Edit
  8. Browse for and select your course folder (either in Quick Access or under Sakai Courses)
  9. Click Save


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