Lecture Recording

Recording Live Classes

Faculty with Licensed Zoom account can record to the cloud. By default, the following is recorded when recording to the cloud with Zoom:

  • The active speaker
  • Shared screen
  • An audio only version of the recording
  • A text file of all chat messages

If a student becomes the active speaker during a recording and is sharing their video, their video will be recorded. Other audio may also be recorded even from those who are not the active speaker. To ensure student privacy, by default the following is not recorded when recording to the cloud with Zoom:

  • Gallery view
  • Participants' names

Spotlight Video to Only Record Instructor

Spotlighting a video will make that video the active speaker for all participants and for the recording. To keep Zoom from switching focus to the active speaker (i.e., to only record the instructor's video even when students are speaking), spotlight the instructor's video.

Require Authentication and Password to View Recordings

By default, cloud recordings shared with class are assigned a password and require the students be signed in to Zoom with their St. Lawrence University Zoom account to view.

Send Zoom Recordings to Panopto

We recommend moving Zoom recordings to Panopto for storage and sharing. For more information, see Send Zoom Recordings to Panopto.

Recordings and FERPA

If any student is identifiable in a recording of a class or other educational event, it may constitute an educational record protected under FERPA. To ensure compliance, follow these practices:

  1. Do not share details of a student's academic record (e.g., grades) under any circumstances.
  2. Avoid recording students. If the recording (audio and video) includes only the instructor, it is not a student educational record.
  3. If a student appears in a recording, limit access to students enrolled in the same class. Student consent is not required if access is limited to students enrolled in the same class.
  4. If students are permitted to view a recording in which a student is identifiable, the syllabus should prohibit copying or distribution of the recording.
  5. Should the instructor wish to use the recording outside of class (including other sections of the same course or future courses), the instructor may either:
    1. edit the recording to remove any portion in which a student appears
    2. obtain individual written consents from the students in the recording

Contact the Registrar's Office regarding obtaining written consents from students.


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