Zoom Webinar Plugin


St. Lawrence University has limited licensing for the webinar plugin for Zoom web conferencing.  The webinar plugin is designed to facilitate large zoom gatherings with minimal attendee interaction.  A webinar is much like a regular Zoom meeting but in a much more controlled environment.  Attendees are not able to enable their microphone or camera without intervention from the host(s) of the meeting and they primarily interact with the host(s) via a Q&A chat.  This is a great tool for recruiting events or informational sessions for large groups of people.  Currently, St. Lawrence's licensing allows for events of up to 1,000 participants.

What to Know

When should I use a webinar instead of a normal Zoom meeting?

The webinar plugin for Zoom should be used for large Zoom meetings that require limited attendee participation.  Meeting attendees cannot enable their microphone or webcam without intervention from a meeting host and the primary form of Attendee communication with hosts and panelists is via a Question and Answer chat.  Some examples of Zoom Webinar functions are Admissions open houses and community town hall events.

How do I use the Zoom webinar plugin?

It is highly encouraged that you review the information at the link below before requesting to schedule a Zoom webinar.  The information on this page explains how to set up and conduct a zoom webinar and provides some best practices information.  Training is available to help you make decisions about your webinar prior to your event.


Scheduling and Additional Information

To schedule a Zoom webinar, please fill out a request form at the link below.  Make sure to include the date and time that you would like to conduct the webinar.  Licensing is limited so please submit a request at the link below to check for availability before you schedule the event with your participants.  



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