Tips for Taking Online Tests

Check and verify you have a reliable Internet connection:

  • If you do use Wi-Fi, try to use a private/home network and avoid using busy public Wi-Fi areas
  • If possible, try to reduce the number of devices accessing the same Wi-Fi network when you are taking the assessment
  • Depending on your network, using a wired connection to your router may provide a more reliable connection

If you do lose network access while taking a test and there is still time left to complete it, return to the course site and go back into the test. If saved, you should be able to pick up close to where you left off if the time has not elapsed. Contact your instructor immediately if you have connection issues.

Prepare your computer:

  • Start fresh, restart your computer
  • Address any pending updates well ahead of time that may interrupt you or slow down the computer
  • Close any unneeded applications and processes that may interfere with computer performance or cause network interference
  • Avoid taking any assessment on mobile devices

Adjust your browsing habits:

  • Start with a fresh browser session, consider clearing the browser cache before commencing with the assessment
  • Never have Canvas (or any testing platform) open simultaneously in more than one window or tab in your browser
  • When taking the exam, do not use the browser back - forward buttons. Instead, use the navigation options within the assessment window (e.g. “Save”, "Next", and "Back" buttons)
  • Temporarily disable any browser add-ons that may interfere with beginning an online test
  • Do not double-click buttons and links! Double-clicking may actually slow down screen loads and generate errors
  • Avoid taking tests on mobile devices, many of the assessment tools in Canvas are not designed for display on mobile browsers
  • Do not navigate away from the test without saving or submitting your answers!
    • The timer on a timed assessment will NOT pause if you exit the test, so be sure to return to your test as soon as possible if it is timed
  • Wait for each page to load completely. If you begin selecting answers before the page fully loads, you may lose work

Save answers frequently:

  • If the test displays one question per page, your answer will be saved automatically when you select “Next” and move to the next question
  • If the test displays multiple questions on the same page, scroll down to the bottom and select “Save” periodically to protect yourself from losing answers if a technical problem occurs
  • If the test contains essay questions requiring more time to answer, select Save periodically
    • A good practice is to compose and save short answer / essay questions in a word processor or text editor and then paste your answer(s) into the Canvas answer field

Submit your exam when finished!

  • Read all of the text on the screen carefully so that you know which step you are on




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