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Services or Offerings?
Request assistance with the installation of new applications or software here.

Click here if you are having a problem with software on your device.

Make a request for software to be installed for class use. This service request is intended to be able to ask for new software to be installed that may not already be present, rather than updating any software that is already installed.

Use this form to submit all questions and issues relating to Sakai. Sakai is our primary learning and course management software.

Computer Science and Biology department's shared high performance compute cluster.

Mailings of 200 pieces or more.

This general support request provides a way for faculty, staff and students to submit a support request for technology-related issues or problems through an easy-to-use form.

Create a new network drive path/folder.
Permit or request access to a network drive path/folder.

Learn about printing large items such as posters for class.