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Get support for problems using library systems.

Microsoft OneDrive is a personal document library intended for storing and organizing your documents and other files. You can access OneDrive anywhere, and use it to share files with others both within and outside of the University. You may store up to 1TB with OneDrive, and you'll maintain access as long as you have an active St. Lawrence University network account.

Use this form to submit a request to stream a film for class. Our video system delivers VHS and DVD video as streamed broadcasts over our network. Students can view video at their convenience on any computer connected to our network.

Consider these copyright compliance “best practices” when making readings available to your students…

Copiers are stationed at various locations across campus. These copier serve as SLU Public Printing stations where student, faculty, and staff can print jobs from their printing queue, scan documents, or make copies.

St. Lawrence University will work with our partners to properly dispose of electronic waste.

St. Lawrence University provides personal computer support and repair for all current students. Click for more information.

Request assistance with the installation of new applications or software here.

Information about connecting to SLU wireless networks.

Web forms and surveys for academic research.

Information about purchasing additional computers with startup funds.