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Request that IT generate a Sierra Data File

Request the data feed to Sakai be changed to the upcoming semester

Request that IT generate a a Class Schedule/Classroom Data File

Request that a report from CROA, Report Manager, or Synoptix be moved, changed, or has data modified

Information about backing up your data and having a recovery plan.

If you would like to request a report of student related data, please use this form.

St. Lawrence University will work with our partners to properly dispose of electronic waste.

St. Lawrence University provides personal computer support and repair for all current students. Click for more information.

Request access to departmental email, listserves etc.

Code editor, debugging tools, and visualizations for R.

This drive is used by the arts and music departments for projects.

Zoom is available to all St. Lawrence faculty, staff and students for hosting web conferences. To host a meeting, sign in with your St. Lawrence email address and network password at

Create a new network drive path/folder.
Permit or request access to a network drive path/folder.