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Computer Science and Biology department's shared high performance compute cluster.

Information about Laptop and Desktop replacement and deployment.

Request repair of a university owned device.

Information about Malware and removing it from your computer.

Information about purchasing additional computers with startup funds.

St. Lawrence University provides personal computer support and repair for all current students. Click for more information.

Submit a request to have office technology (phone, computer, monitor, etc.) set up or moved from one location to another.

Code editor, debugging tools, and visualizations for R.

Use this form to submit a request to stream a film for class. Our video system delivers VHS and DVD video as streamed broadcasts over our network. Students can view video at their convenience on any computer connected to our network.

Consider these copyright compliance “best practices” when making readings available to your students…

Request assistance with the installation of new applications or software here.

Information about backing up your data and having a recovery plan.

Submit a request to borrow technology equipment.

Copiers are stationed at various locations across campus. These copier serve as SLU Public Printing stations where student, faculty, and staff can print jobs from their printing queue, scan documents, or make copies.

This general support request provides a way for faculty, staff and students to submit a support request for technology-related issues or problems through an easy-to-use form.